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PowerPod and AeroPod




PowerPod features include:

  • Simplified Setup and Calibration – just pair the PowerPod  to your ANT+™ sensor and bike computer, then ride.  PowerPod auto-calibrates every time you ride.
  • One power meter for all your bikes: PowerPod moves between up to 4 bikes in less than one minute.
  • For one-bike owners, PowerPod works perfectly with any road, TT, MTB, or gravel bike!
  • Automatic Profile Selection – PowerPod automatically figures out which bike you’re riding and adjusts its internal settings accordingly.
  • Dynamic Power Smoothing™ – PowerPod power numbers are smooth and stable when you pedal at a constant pace, but respond instantly when you surge.
  • Insights – PowerPod is the only power meter that records its raw sensor data – up to 768 hours worth!  Download PowerPod ride data to Velocomp’s Isaac software to view your power, wind, hill slope, and elevation information, second-by-second.
  • Optional left-right PowerStroke feature shows the quality of your pedal stroke.
  • PowerPod transmits data to ANT+ bike computers, most non-ANT+ bike computers, and to bike computer apps on your iOS/Android smartphone
  • PowerPod Lite units can be upgraded at any time to full functionality of PowerPod V3 with an optional firmware key.

Simple Setup

Have we told you how easy it is to install your PowerPod? There’s no swapping out wheels, pedals or bottom brackets; who needs the hassle? It’s as easy as attaching PowerPod to the handlebars of the bike you’re riding today.

  • Attach PowerPod to your handlebars using the included GoPro-style mount. Still not sure? Check out the instructions and the YouTube Video.

  • Pair PowerPod to your ANT+™ speed sensor and ANT+™ bike computer (and/or BLE device).

  • Go Ride!

PowerPod wirelessly send their accurate, both-leg power measurements to your ANT+™ bike computer, such as Garmin and Wahoo.

PowerPod is also compatible with most non-ANT+ bike computers, such as Polar and Suunto.

PowerPod also sends speed/cadence/power to bike computer apps running on your iOS/Android smartphone.

All PowerPod models use an advanced, patented combination of opposing force sensors that delivers both-leg measurement accuracy and consistency. In fact, PowerPod has the accuracy superior to one-leg power meters.

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Click here for more information on the AeroPod

Power measurement helps you ride faster, train better, and race smarter.  With new, next-generation sensors and metrics, AeroPod is the most advanced power meter on the market.

But power doesn’t tell you everything. Another metric, aerodynamic “CdA” (coefficient of drag times frontal surface area), is the key to riding faster in the wind, without pedalling harder. Simply put, the lower your CdA, the more aero you are. And watt-for-watt, the more aero you are, the faster you go.

Elite cyclists improve CdA through expensive and time-consuming wind tunnel and velodrome testing.

Velocomp’s new AeroPod lets you measure and improve your ride position, equipment, clothing, and pacing, through real time CdA measurements, on your normal bike routes.  AeroPod is like having a wind tunnel on your handlebars!