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PowerPod and AeroPod



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PowerPod BLE/ANT+ power meter wirelessly transmits its power measurements simultaneously in the two most popular formats: ANT+ and can now be upgraded to function with BLE.  This means that PowerPod BLE/ANT+ will work with popular bike computers (such as Garmin) and can be equipped to also work with BLE smartphone apps such as Powerhouse®, Wahoo Fitness, and Strava.  If you happen to have both an ANT+ bike computer and BLE smartphone on your bike then BOTH DEVICES will receive PowerPod power readings at the same time.



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Power measurement helps you ride faster, train better, and race smarter.  With new, next-generation sensors and metrics, AeroPod is the most advanced power meter on the market.

But power doesn’t tell you everything. Another metric, aerodynamic “CdA” (coefficient of drag times frontal surface area), is the key to riding faster in the wind, without pedalling harder. Simply put, the lower your CdA, the more aero you are. And watt-for-watt, the more aero you are, the faster you go.

Elite cyclists improve CdA through expensive and time-consuming wind tunnel and velodrome testing.

Velocomp’s new AeroPod lets you measure and improve your ride position, equipment, clothing, and pacing, through real time CdA measurements, on your normal bike routes.  AeroPod is like having a wind tunnel on your handlebars!