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NEW Spinergy FCC 32mm RIM and DISC Brake

The all new Stealth FCC 3.2 was designed to be a lightweight all around wheelset. At a 32mm depth profile, this wheelset has great handling, and quick response and acceleration. Featuring the new aero bladed spokes offering unmatched performance and shock absorbing qualities to take the harshness out of all road conditions. Available with disc brake compatibilty and cyclo-cross rated. Whether you ride them on the road or through extreme terrain, the FCC 3.2 will give you a ride unlike any other wheelset. A real difference you can feel.

The Stealth PBO features front 16 spoke radial and rear 20 spoke radial/2-cross configuration providing all the performance without sacrificing durability or speed. Disc brake option is radial/2 cross for both front and rear for strength and stiffness. They are designed to keep the rotational weight down and sustained speed up. Included is Spinergy’s exclusive CNC machined design, force-10 tapered hub with strong straight-pull spoke mounting and aerospace grade aluminum axle, which rolls on a Spinergy designed HADLEY® aluminum freehub body. Thru axle compatible options available.

FCC 4.7 RIM and DISC- £1281.88


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